Artist | Cae W. Wuerth

A long time advocate of environmentally friendly products, Cae continually taps into the earth’s natural resources to use them as inspiration as well as her mediums.  Formally trained as a faux finisher in 2001, she mastered the Old World techniques of creating stone, marble, faux bois and trompe l‘oeil.   Her work can be found  in  fine homes from Newport, Oregon to Newport, Rhode Island.  This experience opened a world of new possibilities to further examine her own artistic identity and expand upon her life’s acquired knowledge.

After many years as a muralist and decorative artist, Cae has now transitioned into the fine arts.   Finding inspiration in the complexity of  Old World  techniques, she employs today’s methods and mediums in an effort to bring this particular style of art into a modern forum of harmonious expressionism. An example of this crossover can be seen in her American Fresco Series.  American Fresco is a process of embedding natural pigments into clay, lime and sand.  A process used for thousand of years is reawakened in Cae’s “American Fresco Series”. Paying homage to Mother Earth and her natural beauty.