Artist | Elizabeth Goddard

“As a painter/printmaker, I am interested in emphasizing the abstract qualities of familiar landscapes through color, form, line and texture. For me, creating a landscape is about more than defining what is known; it is about internalizing a space, and recreating it as a place beyond. By using flattened shapes, heightened color and the linear elements of pen and ink in my prints, I am able to “set the stage” for a highly personal view of the natural world.”

Trained originally as a painter, Ms. Goddard moved into printmaking as her primary voice through the monotype method. She developed a technique for abstracting subject matter drawn from the natural world which incorporates the spontaneity of using the brayer as a painting tool, and the delicate control of pen and brush work.

While the monotype medium allows her to “play” with image her other primary printmaking voice, woodcuts or relief printmaking, has the demands of traditional woodblock printmaking. Exploring the playful and the rigorous allows her to render her vision in a unique manner.

Elizabeth “Lisa” Goddard lives in Newport, RI with her husband and family. She teaches painting and drawing at the Handicraft Club in Providence, and gives workshops in printmaking and artist journals. She is an artist member of the Providence Art Club and the Printmakers’ Network of Southern New England, and is a founding artist member of the Art League of Rhode Island.

Her work is included in many private and corporate collections including Fidelity Investments, Berkshire Partners, Boston, MA, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships Voyager VI and Freedom of the Seas, Women and Infants Hospital, Providence, RI as well as many restaurants across the US.