Artist | Jacquelin Crosson

Jacquelin Crosson is a self-taught fine art landscape photographer raised
in Lakeville, Massachusetts and residing in Rhode Island.  Jacquelin is a
graduate of Roger Williams University.  She spends time each winter on the
island of Maui, Hawaii where she studies with a well known fine art
landscape photographer, Scott Reither.

 Jacquelin has received numerous honorable mentions over the past four years from the International Photography Awards Competition, a large competition with approximately 17,000 entries from 160 countries.  Additionally Jacquelin was also
awarded the grand prize at the 70th annual 2015 NECCC Sigma Showcase Photo
Contest for her image titled Windsurfer.  For this same image Jacquelin
was also awarded third place by the International Photographer Awards and
her image was published in their book.  Jacquelin offers her images in
limited series at The Mint Gallery.