Artist | Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy Photo

From an early age, Karen understood nature. She has been painting landscapes for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a small town on the South Shore of Massachusetts frequenting woodlands, marshes, beaches, fields, and mountains of New England comes natural to her. Connecting to her surroundings, she transforms this passion into her work. When she paints, she records the emotion evoking of the same reaction for the viewers — a painted transcription of her response to nature.

“I try to find quiet spots that give me a feeling of calm and peace, a salt marsh or a secluded beach. Those are the subjects that connect me to the landscape and drive me to create a painting.

I am most inspired by American tonalist painters of the 19th century, and it’s evident in much of my work. My paintings have muted colors and soft contours that evoke a quiet contemplative mood. My goal is to awaken feelings of nostalgia, and to harmonize nature and man.

My approach to oil painting reflects a combination of formal art instruction, study of art history, and the years of experience gained behind the easel making my own discoveries. My working process is a simple one; I start on location, either sketching or painting small studies. Then, back in the studio I use the visual information I collected, along with my feelings and memories, to create a painted transcription of my response to nature. The result is not a detailed rendering of the location, but a more generalized scene that allows for a greater scope of the imagination.”