Artist | Sean Daly

Sean Daly comes to fine art photography from a long and adventurous career in television news, where getting the story, and the pictures, was his mission every day, on deadline, for 42 years. For most of that time, from 1981 to 2015, Sean was on TV in Rhode Island. Before that, he worked for six years off the air at NBC News in his hometown of Washington, D.C. during Watergate and beyond, and for three years he was on the air among a gumbo of colorful characters in New Orleans.

So Sean has seen a lot of life up close over a very long time, and what he has never stopped appreciating during his years on the road is how much natural beauty there is in our midst, if only we open our eyes. Sean likes to joke that TV news reporters are road scholars, not Rhodes scholars!

All that time on the road is a gift in a thousand ways. Since he wasn’t driving, Sean had time to let his eyes wander and ponder. He made imaginary photographs in his mind everywhere. It’s when he learned to really see light, and to come to understand that a photograph is all about the light, always. Invariably, he now finds it isn’t so much the scenes as it is the light that gets him excited. The word “photography” itself gets to that. It’s from two Greek words that mean “drawing with light.”

Through all his years on the air, Sean became well known for his memorable style in pursuit of truth. Along the way, he won two New England Emmy awards and multiple AP and UPI honors. In 2014, a Readers’ Poll in Rhode Island Monthly magazine voted Sean “the best male TV reporter” in Rhode Island.

Now, Sean is chasing light, not news, but he likes to think each of the images he makes tells a truth of its own. His work is a glimpse into what’s been called the theater of our existence.

Behold the wonder.

Karen Murphy painting of beach