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I am a street photographer, but I only enjoy photographing analogue. This means that I rely on my eye, the moment, and then physics and chemistry to take me to an actual print. Needless to say, this is riddled with possibilities of failure.

I photograph because I find the frozen image of life to be beautiful.  And reducing that image to black and white, captured only through the subtleties of light, makes it, to me, somehow more authentic.

I love film. I love the process, the way it is full of  “gray areas” unlike the binary codes of modern day photography. With film, it is not here, nor there, it is as the eye would see it, subject to the will of nature.

And as for my subject matter? Well, that is for you to decide. Are these interesting characters? Interesting perspectives?  They were to me. And that is why the image exists.

Protest Photo by Virginia Delgado
Virginia Delgado photography